Re-Fashionistas / Denise Anderson

For both boys and girls alike - learn to re-fashion common, every day items into exciting new things! Ever want to make something (like clothes or toys) completely out of duct tape? Or perhaps learn to craft your own stuffed animals or create original outfits to wear? If so, re-fashionistas is for you! We'll up-cycle (recycling an item into a whole new, better creation) all sorts of things into brand new, original works of usable/wearable art. Examples include creating puppets, toys and stuffed animals, making wallets, containers and bags and up-designing our own shoes, hats, jewelry, clothing and more all from recycled and repurposed
goods. All projects offer customization for both boys' and girls' interests and no prior sewing or crafting experience is required.


  Denise Anderson

The William T Harris School
Thursdays, Feb 28 - Jun 20
3:15 - 4:30 PM

  No Class Mar 14, Apr 25 & Jun 6


Grades   3rd - 5th

Full - waiting list