MineCraft Coding Club / MakerState

Young programmers will have the opportunity to blur the lines of coding and virtualization with our custom educational version of Minecraft. By using the educational modification for Minecraft known as ComptuerCraft EDU, Makers will be able to create their own programs using the coding language LUA. While this programming language is not Java, it provides the same fundamental principles and experiences for programing while offering a distinct advantage, that whatever programs Makers create will be working in Minecraft immediately. These programs can range from a complex control program for a railway system, a wireless communication hub to operate all the functions of a farm, or even create a brand new game on a virtual computer within Minecraft itself. During this process students will have the opportunity build skills in collaboration, communication, and digital citizenship as they share their knowledge with others in their class and online. With MakerState’s help, students can turn an interest in how programs work into practical knowledge for today's technology.

This is a premium class and costs $38.50 per week ($693.00 for 18 weeks.)


  Naushin Tasnim

The William T Harris School
Tuesdays, Sep 17 - Feb 11
3:15 - 4:30 PM

  No Class Oct 1, Nov 5, Dec 24 & Dec 31


Grades   1st - 5th

Full - waiting list