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  • Amazing Animals / Denise Anderson

    Do you like animals? Do you like drawing and cartoons? Then this is the place for you! We're going to learn all about animals and make some simple, fun cartoons too! Every week we’ll learn all about a new animal - what they eat, what they look like as babies, where they live and what awesome qualities make them special. Then we’ll use Google Whiteboard to draw pictures of our animal friends on our computers (or mobile devices). Every week Miss Denise will take everyone’s drawings (and even some of your voices too) and turn them into a short group animation to share at the beginning of the next week. (They’ll also be posted to our Amazing Animals Drive too, in case you want to download them.) You can choose whether you want to tell a silly story about your animal, or if you want to show us a true, cool fact about them in animated form. No special skills are necessary, just access to our Google Meet and Whiteboard via a computer or mobile device. We will be opening the next session to K students - please note that this class involves reading aloud and using technology to draw independently.
  • Game Time

    Structured and unstructured time to play a variety of sports and games - both physical and non-physical (cards, board games, brain games.). The focus will be on team sports and games that foster cooperation, competition, following rules, being a team player and a good sport.
  • Guitar

    Established in 2008, EzraGuitar is a guitar program designed to give kids the opportunity to study with some of the greatest classical guitarists of this generation, while using a method of learning designed especially for them. Our group classes are the core of the EzraGuitar method. These classes are built on the philosophy of Maoz Ezra, that music should be taught in the "language of children" and tailored to their natural abilities. By studying with this method and philosophy, it is our goal that children will connect to music making in a natural and organic way. Through creative games and ensemble work, children will leave each lesson with a sense of accomplishment and musical knowledge that will remain with them as a foundation for any future musical endeavors. EzraGuitar Kids Group Guitar Lessons (Grades K-5) We teach small group lessons for children in grades K- 5 (*kids are grouped according to age & level, the course is cumulative.) Melody & Rhythm: through a mix of repertoire including, classical, folk, children’s songs, rock, jazz, contemporary and original compositions, students will learn to play music, not only exercises. Reading music: Through our unique method children will learn to recognize, know and master the notes in a range of four octaves. Ensemble work: From the beginning children will be learning to play in an ensemble. This group work puts emphasis on listening with sensitivity and working together. Performance: At the end of each session, students will perform in a concert. Performance is a major part of studying music, it teaches the student about building self confidence and the joy of sharing music. Teachers: Classes are taught by the world class faculty of EzraGuitar! *Please note that students will be scheduled by EzraGuitar into class times that are appropriate for their age and level. Classes are 40 min long. When not in class with EzraGuitar, children will be in the care of the wonderful PS 11 After School program both before and after their guitar lessons. FOR ALL EzraGuitar Classes:Students will need their own guitar for class. EzraGuitar has for purchase a full line of high quality guitars that are sized especially for children. We offer unique return policies and upgrade services and starter kit packages special for our students. To order instruments just give us a call, come into the shop or place your order directly online at Phone: 718-434-2103, address: 785 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11218. Guitars will be delivered, free of charge, to kids on the first day of class! Students will need an appropriately sized nylon string classical guitar. Please consult with us before purchasing an instrument on your own. **If you would like to have a free trial lesson and/or get sized for your guitar over the summer, please contact EzraGuitar @ 718-434-2103 or Website: and we will be happy to set up an appointment for you! This is a premium class and costs $38.00 per lesson. Lesson will be from 3-3:40 or 3:50-4:30. Students will take place in another activity either before or after their lesson. Dismissal from afterschool will be at 4:30.
  • Hip Hop / Devynn Brooks

    This class starts with a warm up and stretch, followed by dance exercises across the floor, floorwork and dance moves that we then use while learning a choreography to an up beat song. At the end of dance class we will work on our improvisation skills in a dance game. All music is fun, positive, energetic and kid friendly. Students should wear sneakers and comfortable dance clothing (pants/leggings) to class. Students may only sign up for 1 Hip Hop class per week.
  • Kung Fu / NY Chinese Cultural Center

    This is a beginner-level kung fu class that demonstrates traditional martial arts forms originating from Shaolin. It gives students an excellent method of exercise and improves physical coordination and stamina as well as develops their reflexes and self-esteem.
  • Let's Play!

    Structured and unstructured time to play a variety of sports and games - both physical and non-physical (cards, board games, brain games.). The focus will be on team sports and games that foster cooperation, competition, following rules, being a team player and a good sport. For little ones, this is a great opportunity to learn and develop social skills.
  • MakerState/Coding Club with MineCraft

    Budding programmers will create new blocks, interactive maps, puzzles, and characters, forging them all from imagination in Minecraft in this fun-first introduction to computer programming through Minecraft game design. Projects include generating buildings from blueprint designs, creating pixel art through algorithms, and applying an understanding of geometry to create 3D structures such as pyramids, cones, and spirals. We’ll build collaboration, communication, problem-solving, and digital citizenship skills as they share their knowledge with others in their class and online. With MakerState’s help, students can develop a lifelong interest in computer programming and design, all within the super-creative world of Minecraft. This is a premium class and costs $40.00 per class
  • Mindful Capoiera / Afro Brazilian Arts

    Capoeira, a dance developed by Africans brought to Brazil as slaves over 400 years ago, incorporates the speed and agility of martial arts, dancing and acrobatics and teaches a philosophy of resolving conflict without the use of force. Each class focuses on creating a supportive and safe space for learning. Our mission is to inspire FLC - fitness, leadership, and community. Our method works by developing FDR - focus, discipline, and respect. All lessons begin when students show FDR, focus on the teacher or leader, discipline to stay with the lesson, and respect for themselves, for each other and for the teacher. Students learn capoeira's basic moves, sequences with a partner, and how to play the "game" of capoeira; we never say fight or spar. There is no contact in our capoeira lessons except to shake hands with our partners. In a year long program, students will learn 10 capoeira movements, sequences with a partner, 5 songs in Portuguese, basic capoeira rhythm on instruments, and about capoeira's context in the history in Brazil. In addition, students gain confidence in their physical abilities and develop learning and life skills to achieve success in school and in other areas of their lives.
  • Rock and Roll Movies / Michael Messer

    Kids will create, write, direct, and star in their own rock n roll movie! Everything from the story, characters, props, costumes, animations and original score will be created by the kids, with help and guidance from veteran rock n roll teacher Mike Messer (leader of the world famous rock band for kids “THE DIRTY SOCK FUNTIME BAND.") Along with the encouraged silliness there is a strong focus on teamwork and confidence empowerment. The creation process is based upon the philosophy that “ALL ideas are good”, and gentle encouragement that anything that your child thinks up is worth giving a try. The other goal of the class is for everyone in class to have as much fun as we possibly can!
  • Running Club / George Sewell & friends

    This class will take place off site in the neighborhood athletic fields and will run from 3:15-5:00.
  • Soccer / Super Soccer Stars

    At Super Soccer Stars, we use the soccer ball as the vehicle to help children not only improve their soccer skills, but also develop self-confidence, improve gross motor skills, hone socialization skills and more. Dynamic, local and international coaches work with small groups of boys and girls to develop these skills and teamwork in a fun, non-competitive, educational environment This class will take place off-site at a local park or field. Students will leave PS 11 at 3 and return by 4:30.
  • Swimming / Physique Swimming

    Class: Beginner 2 (Primary Skills) Description:Swimmers (ages 4-6) are comfortable submerging independently and will continue to develop floating, kicking, and gliding skills without support and are introduced to rhythmic breathing. Swimmers will develop combined strokes on the front and back and are introduced to deep water through jumps and dives from a sitting position. Swimmers should be able to propel 4-6 feet without assistance. Skills: Focus on properly mastering primary skills (floating, gliding, rolling over, front crawl, breath control). Independent front and back floats, Rolling over from front to back, submersions (without support) jumps & dives from sitting position, combined stroke on front and back. Class: Advanced 1 (Stroke Readiness) Description: Swimmers (ages 5 and up) have passed the Beginner 2 level and can swim independently for 4-6 feet. Students should be able to properly demonstrate primary skills (floating, gliding, streamline, freestyle) without assistance. Swimmers will further develop balance & coordination, fundamentals of backstroke, and freestyle with rotary breathing. Swimmers are introduced to breaststroke, butterfly, and dives from a kneeling/standing position. Skills: Rhythmic breathing, freestyle, backstroke, kneeling and standing dives, elementary backstroke, introduction to breaststroke, and butterfly. Children are expected to bring bathing suits and towels to swimming every week. The child’s name should be on all items. BATHING CAPS are required for boys & girls with hair below their ears. After an initial evaluation, some students may be asked to change to a higher or lower level swim class. If a child is sick or unable to swim, families must provide a written note to the afterschool staff. Accommodations in another class are not guaranteed and students who do not swim are NOT allowed in the pool area. Students may only sign up for 1 swim class per week. If there is availability after registration, another swim class can be added.
  • TADA! Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance

    A Musical Theater skills-building class that focuses on the core elements of singing, acting, and dancing. Learn popular Broadway songs, plus one-of-a-kind songs from TADA!’s original musicals. This class includes exploration in character development using theater games plus song and dance numbers. Students learn the skills necessary to participate as Musical Theater performers. This program focuses on acting through song & dance, which successfully prepares kids for future Musical Theater camps, classes, and productions. Classes begin with physical and vocal warm-ups to help students focus and prepare. The last class culminates in a final Sharing that showcases high-quality performances of the song & dance skills learned in class. This is a premium class and costs $32.50 per week
  • Team Games

    Structured and unstructured time to play a variety of sports and games - both physical and non-physical (cards, board games, brain games.). The focus will be on team sports and games that foster cooperation, competition, following rules, being a team player and a good sport.