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  • Game Room

    Kids will relax, socialize and have fun with a variety of games and activities - magnetic darts, Nock hockey, table tennis, board games and card games.
  • Hip Hop / Devynn Brooks

    This class starts with a warm up and stretch, followed by dance exercises across the floor, floorwork and dance moves that we then use while learning a choreography to an up beat song. At the end of dance class we will work on our improvisation skills in a dance game. All music is fun, positive, energetic and kid friendly. Students should wear sneakers and comfortable dance clothing (pants/leggings) to class. Students may only sign up for 1 Hip Hop class per week.
  • Let's Play!

    Structured and unstructured time to play a variety of sports and games - both physical and non-physical (cards, board games, brain games.). The focus will be on team sports and games that foster cooperation, competition, following rules, being a team player and a good sport. For little ones, this is a great opportunity to learn and develop social skills.
  • MakerState/MakerSpace

    Feeling creative? Jump into our latest super-fun engineering arts and crafts! What we’re building in the makerspace this semester: slime, the tallest paper tower, sensory bottle biome, exploding seed pod, confetti launcher, plantable seed paper, Rube Goldberg marble runs, and a lot more! Dream it, plan it, and build it! This is a premium class and costs $40.00 per week
  • Marvelous Machines / Denise Anderson

    Attention young inventors! Come explore the wondrous world of machines and build some of your very own! We’ll learn all about the principles of science and physics while planning and building our own original mechanical marvels. Such machines will include airplanes, rockets, boats, cars and even a robot or two! We'll create machines of our own original devising and even carry out exciting experiments to explore the profound process of scientific discovery. Industrious inventors will learn critical thinking and creative problem solving skills while gaining a mastery of basic mechanics. So join us and stretch your imagination while building some Marvelous Machines!
  • Sewing Club/Children's Institute of Fashion Arts

    The Children's Institute of Fashion Arts offers after school programs in sewing, textiles and design for all ages. We teach kids how to design, sew, and create based on their own interests and culture. Small groups give children the opportunity to learn and develop skills at their own pace and ability. Students sew by hand and use sewing machines when available, learning to design and make their own projects. Professional and specially-trained teachers give one-on-one attention.
  • Soccer / Super Soccer Stars

    At Super Soccer Stars, we use the soccer ball as the vehicle to help children not only improve their soccer skills, but also develop self-confidence, improve gross motor skills, hone socialization skills and more. Dynamic, local and international coaches work with small groups of boys and girls to develop these skills and teamwork in a fun, non-competitive, educational environment.
  • Swimming/Physique Swimming

    Class: Beginner 2 (Primary Skills) Description:Swimmers (ages 4-6) are comfortable submerging independently and will continue to develop floating, kicking, and gliding skills without support and are introduced to rhythmic breathing. Swimmers will develop combined strokes on the front and back and are introduced to deep water through jumps and dives from a sitting position. Swimmers should be able to propel 4-6 feet without assistance. Skills: Focus on properly mastering primary skills (floating, gliding, rolling over, front crawl, breath control). Independent front and back floats, Rolling over from front to back, submersions (without support) jumps & dives from sitting position, combined stroke on front and back. Class: Advanced 1 (Stroke Readiness) Description: Swimmers (ages 5 and up) have passed the Beginner 2 level and can swim independently for 4-6 feet. Students should be able to properly demonstrate primary skills (floating, gliding, streamline, freestyle) without assistance. Swimmers will further develop balance & coordination, fundamentals of backstroke, and freestyle with rotary breathing. Swimmers are introduced to breaststroke, butterfly, and dives from a kneeling/standing position. Skills: Rhythmic breathing, freestyle, backstroke, kneeling and standing dives, elementary backstroke, introduction to breaststroke, and butterfly. Children are expected to bring bathing suits and towels to swimming every week. The child’s name should be on all items. BATHING CAPS are required for boys & girls with hair below their ears. After an initial evaluation, some students may be asked to change to a higher or lower level swim class. If a child is sick or unable to swim, families must provide a written note to the afterschool staff. Accommodations in another class are not guaranteed and students who do not swim are NOT allowed in the pool area. Students may only sign up for 1 swim class per week. If there is availability after registration, another swim class can be added.
  • WonderHut Nature Science / Professor Planets

    This semester we will focus on geology and outer space. We will learn about and examine different kinds of rocks and gems and create our own rock boxes. Students will receive a starter bundle of rocks for their rock collection. We will handle ancient 500 million year old fossils and create our own fossil models and imprints and practice with chisels and hammers. Students will build and erupt their own volcano models and create landform 3D maps and earth models. We will go on to learn about outer space, the space race, living in space and will build rocket models. In the spring we will meet and handle worms and other bugs and learn about composting, pollinators and flowers. Students will create their own mini egg crate garden to grow in the summer.