FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Can I change my contract type mid-year through a season?

    Yes, please email us for any changes you would like to make.

  • Can I pick my child up early?

    Yes, you can email us (ps11programs@aol.com) the time you need them by and who will be picking them up. It is best to notify us before 2:00 pm in case your child's afterschool class leaves the building. 

    Please make sure anyone you authorize to pick up your child(ren) is on your pick-up list (Explore All Programs -> Manage  Authorized Pickups and Late Fees). The child(ren) will be called for once an adult has arrived at the building, not before.  Also, keep in mind that excessive early pickups may result in loss of your child’s afterschool seat! 

  • Can my child attend afterschool if he/she was absent from school?

    No, students must be in attendance during the school day in order to attend afterschool. Children must be dismissed to Afterschool by their classroom teacher.  

  • Can my child attend afterschool on a day/session they are not scheduled for?

    Yes, you can sign them up as a drop-in for the day or for a session. If you need to cancel a drop-in you may do so up to 24hrs before the requested drop-in date to receive a credit. No refunds or credits will be given after that cancellation window has closed. 

    Students will be placed in classes that have available seats - generally Let's Play, Game Time or Team Games. We can not honor requests for specific classes.

  • Do the kids get a snack during afterschool?

    Yes. At 4:30 we give out snack to kids going home and those staying for a second session. We always offer two items for snack, usually a fruit and a grain. We always strive to serve healthy and nutritious snack options that are considerate of any major allergies. 

  • What are your cancellation policies?

    For afterschool classes:

    While we do understand when students and families change classes/schedules in the beginning of the semester, we will no longer credit families for cancelled classes after November 15th for the Fall 2019 semester or April 30th for the Spring 2020 semester. Families will be responsible for the full semester cost of the class after that date. In addition, our premium classes can not be cancelled for credit or refund after the second class. These classes include MakerState Classes, Guitar, Ice Skating, Chess, Rock Star, Skateboarding, Jr. FLL, Lego Robotics, Piano and Guitar.

    Fifth grade students who participate in the 5th grade play will not receive credit for missed classes during play practice. If not needed for rehearsal, they will be allowed to attend their regularly scheduled afterschool class.

    For drop-ins:

    Drop in cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance in order to receive a refund or credit.

    For half days:

    Cancellations for our half day programs must be made the day before in order to receive a refund/credit.

  • What if I know I am going to be late for pick-up?

    If you know you will be late for pick-up ahead of time please email (ps11programs@aol.com) or call us (917 653-0594).  

    A late charge will be assessed for late pickups.  

    16-30 minutes late: $20

    more than 30 minutes late: $50

  • What is the best way to contact the afterschool?

    You can email us: ps11programs@aol.com or call us: 917 653 0594. 

    Please note that it is very difficult to answer calls or check emails during transition times (2:50 pm - 3:30 pm and 4:20 - 5:00). 

  • What is your dismissal policy?

    Our program dismisses through the first and the middle set of doors on 21st street between 8th and 9th avenues. For any early pick-ups, please enter through the main entrance to check-in with the school safety agents. 

    All students attending afterschool MUST be signed out by an authorized adult. If you would like your child to self-dismiss (only applicable for kids in 3rd-5th grade) you can add them to the pick up list directly through your Eleyo account under the Manage Pick Ups and Late Fees section, in addition to signing a self dismissal permission slip. 

    Please notify us immediately if there are any people that are NOT AUTHORIZED to pick up or have contact with your children. Submit copies of any applicable documentation as soon as possible.

  • Where can I find copies of my year-end statement for tax purposes?

    All invoices/statements for the 2018-2019 school year can be accessed from your Eleyo account along with our tax id number. To request year-end statements from previous years please email us with your request at: ps11programs@aol.com.

Still have questions?

Feel free to contact us with what's on your mind.