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  • Art of Piano Playing

    Group Piano Classes have many benefits. It is a great opportunity to determine musical interest and aptitude; develop piano-playing skills and fundamentals. It is also an excellent musical foundation for young students who may not yet have developed the maturity needed to fully benefit from private piano lessons. Group Piano Lessons also help to develop memory and logical-thinking skills which help overall school performance. Students are able to play duet and group pieces, helping develop social skills. Through singing and playing, students will be learning music at a comfortable pace. Our piano teacher will do individual assessment for each student throughout the class. Activities include but not limited to: learning musical alphabet, playing games and exercises, learning basic music theory, reading music. During this course students will explore solo elementary pieces as well as duets with our piano instructor. The same age and skill level children are grouped together into small groups (maximum 7 students per group). At the end of each semester piano instructors invite parents to an Open Class where children demonstrate what they learned. Children from Group Piano Lessons are invited to perform at our semi-annual recitals held in Manhattan. Group Piano Lessons prove that children enjoy learning in a fun atmosphere. Friendships develop, and the joy of sharing music is experienced! This is a premium class and costs $27.50 per week ($385 for 14 weeks.)
  • Ballet / Ayelet Afek

    Ballet introduction- students will learn basic ballet vocabulary and movements. Class will include stretching and range of motion as well as basic ballet exercises which will be incorporated into a dance to be performed at the end of the spring session.
  • Basketball

    It takes practice to be a champion. Learn and develop new skills- positions, dribbling, shooting and rules of the game.
  • Brain Games

    Students will learn and play modern board and card games with focus on math and literacy.
  • Capoiera / Afro Brazilian Arts

    Capoeira, a dance developed by Africans brought to Brazil as slaves over 400 years ago, incorporates the speed and agility of martial arts, dancing and acrobatics and teaches a philosophy of resolving conflict without the use of force.
  • Flag Football / Huddle Up NYC

    Professional coaches will work with your children on sport specific fundamentals and basic motor skills in a fun, structured environment.Your child will learn positional skills (catching, throwing, and route running just to name a few), build their self-confidence, as well as increase their speed and agility. Our coaches follow a curriculum designed to maximize time, space, and most importantly, to keep children engaged and having fun! Note: No equipment necessary – this is not a “tackle” program. Players will wear flag belts.
  • Free Play

    The activities that take place in this class include free play in the little yard, games, arts and crafts, story time, reading and writing, music & movement. This class is very important to our younger students as it provides opportunities to learn and improve upon their social skills.
  • French / ABC Language

    Bonjour! Students will be able to discover the French language through many different angles. Teachers will be bringing in their experiences of the culture and language to share through games, songs, and other activities that will help children learn the basics of the language in a fun and inviting atmosphere. This class will be geared towards beginners as well.
  • HOP / Yasmine Elkarimmy

    This class supports the HOP (Home based Optional Practice) for PS 11 Students. Teachers will work on both math and literacy fluency.
  • Hip Hop / Frida Persson

    Hip Hop 3rd-5th gradeThis class starts with a warm up and stretch, followed by dance exercises across the floor, floorwork and dance moves that we then use while learning a choreography to an up beat song. At the end of dance class we will work on our improvisation skills in a dance game. All music is fun, positive, energetic and kid friendly. Students should wear sneakers and comfortable dance clothing (pants/leggings) to class. Students may only sign up for 1 Hip Hop class per week.
  • Ice Skating at Chelsea Piers

    Students will travel to Chelsea Piers for a 1/2 hour lesson with skating instructors from the Rink. Cost includes skate rental.  Students leave PS 11 at 3:15 pm and return by 5:00 pm.This is a premium class and costs $42.50 per week ($552.50 for 13 weeks.) Final class will be held 6/13.
  • Intro to Skateboarding / Louie Luiz

    An introduction to skateboarding  - skateboarding building, balancing and finger board (tech decks).  Beginners only. Louie has been a professional skateboarder sponsored by numerous companies for the past 12 years. He has been teaching children and adults how to skateboard for over 15 years. Louie has taught at renowned private schools, and sports camps across the tri-state area. This is a premium class and costs $35 per week ($490 for 14 weeks.)
  • Junior Engineers / Maker-State

    Acreative, hands-on introduction to concepts in design, physics, and engineering. We’ll build bridges, skyscrapers, derby cars, catapults, and many more DIY toys! Engineers explore concepts such as energy, gravity, elasticity, and pressure through cooperative problem-solving in these creative science-based projects.This is a premium class and costs $38.50 per week ($539 for 14 weeks.)
  • Lego Robotics (WeDo) / RoboFun

    Students dare introduced to robotics by building and coding LEGO projects using sensors, motors and LEGO's playful WeDo software.  Students will enhance their ability to work in a team while getting a taste of what it's like to be programmers and engineers.This is a premium class and costs $42.50 per week ($595 for 14 weeks.)   This class runs from 3:15-5:30.
  • Little All Stars (sports and games)

    Students will participate in a variety of physical activities & organized sports - kickball, basketball, dodgeball, whiffleball, four-square, etc.
  • Magic / Hobby Quest

    If illusions and mysterious feats are your favorite way to impress people, join us in Abracadabra Quest and learn how to become a real magician today!In this magical Quest, we will teach you everything you need to know to become a real performing magician!You’ll learn all of the secrets that have been guarded for centuries by magicians!Reading your audience’s minds will be a piece of cake after you learn our “Mind Reading Paper” and “Dice Prediction” tricks!Next you’ll discover the “Magic Blank Deck”, where you will dazzle your friends and family by turning a blank deck into an actual deck of playing cards right in front of their eyes!Some tricks will amaze even the most seasoned magicians, like when you turn one die into a bunch of smaller die with the “Color Exploding Dice” trick!If that wasn’t enough, we’ll make sure your parents get a chance to see exactly how fascinating your performance is by inviting them in for a real magic show at the end of the semester!So if you’re ready to learn how to do some REAL magic, sign up for Abracadabra Quest today!
  • Murals / George Sewell

    Kids are invited to collaborate with artist and PS11 parent George Sewell, exploring the many facets of urban art through their own work, culminating in the creation of a collaborative mural on a wall at PS11.Each week, kids will be given inspiration, explore images of famous artist’s work and art techniques and then get their chance to make their own mural drawings. Each week’s work will be collected and eventually bound into their own “mural sketchbook” to take home. One of the groups’ drawings will be chosen for the actual wall mural, which will be created as a group over the last few weeks of the class. The final class will be an unveiling of the mural and a celebration of the kids’ mural sketchbooks.
  • PopFit Femme Fitness

    Get Ready for Some Girl Power! Join PopFit Kids for their new Femme Fit program. Designed for girls grades 3 to 5 the Femme Fitness class will celebrate, encourage, empower and challenge girls to be the best they can be. The end result is a positive outlook, confidence and the skill development they need to achieve their goals and stay healthy. Girls will engage week to week in high-energy circuit activities, agility drills, resistance training, dynamic stretches and more while learning the benefits of the Fit Five: Cardio, Strength, Flexibility, Endurance, and Balance. This class is a fun, fast-paced workout ending with a dynamic cool down that will lengthen those hard worked muscles and strengthen the core. The program will feature the new BOSU(R) Sport Kids among the program’s versatile equipment along with monthly take home challenges sure to keep everyone on their feet.Femme Fitness is an engaging, active class that will foster teamwork, build friendships and positively connect the mind and body.
  • Re-Fashionistas / Denise Anderson

    For both boys and girls alike - learn to re-fashion common, every day items into exciting new things! Ever want to make something (like clothes or toys) completely out of duct tape? Or perhaps learn to craft your own stuffed animals or create original outfits to wear? If so, re-fashionistas is for you! We'll up-cycle (recycling an item into a whole new, better creation) all sorts of things into brand new, original works of usable/wearable art. Examples include creating puppets, toys and stuffed animals, making wallets, containers and bags and up-designing our own shoes, hats, jewelry, clothing and more all from recycled and repurposed goods. All projects offer customization for both boys' and girls' interests and no prior sewing or crafting experience is required.
  • Rock Star / Derek Swink

    RockSTAR is a comprehensive music education program that teaches 1-5th grade students how to play guitar, bass, drums and keyboards, compose their own songs, and perform rock n’ roll hits. Students form their own bands, as well as develop musical skills, teamwork and professionalism. RockSTAR provides every school with ALL the equipment and instruments needed for the students. No previous experience for the students to join. • RockSTAR harnesses the cognitive, social and creative benefits of music education in an awesome and fun format that allows children to learn, live and let loose! Our curriculum offers an exciting and unique approach to music education that includes a hot rockin’ concert at the end of the semester. Each class (band) is limited to 7 students. This is a premium class and costs $27.50 per week ($385 for 14 weeks.)
  • Swim Team / Nicole Marcou, Chris McKie & Ana Colorado

    Children are expected to bring bathing suits and towels to swimming every week. The child’s name should be on all items. BATHING CAPS are required for boys & girls with hair below their ears. After an initial evaluation, some students may be asked to change to a higher or lower level swim class. If a child is sick or unable to swim, families must provide a written note to the afterschool staff. Accommodations in another class are not guaranteed and students who do not swim are NOT allowed in the pool area. Students may only sign up for 1 swim class per week. If there is availability after registration, another swim class can be added.
  • Tennis / Advantage Quickstart Tennis

    Advantage Quickstart Tennis Now kids’ tennis is easier and more fun!  Advantage Tennis Club’s Quickstart Tennis program is designed exclusively for students ages 4 and up, no experience needed. Children play with age and size-appropriate racquets on smaller courts using special slow-bouncing balls. They learn from experienced professionals through non-competitive drills, games and instructional tennis basics and fundamentals.  This is a premium class and costs $45 per class ($630/semester.)