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  • Amazing Athletes

    Join us at Amazing Athletes at Home! Amazing Athletes will introduce your athlete to the basic fundamentals of 10 different sports while helping them master 6 key areas of motor-development and physical literacy
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  • Animal Drawing class with Sam White

    Ocean Life Drawing We will study ocean animals and learn how to draw them using basic shapes. Studying the shapes of the animals will give us clues about how they exist--where do they hide? what do they eat? Examples from art history will show us how to incorporate strong compositions and symbolism--where should all the elements go? What stories do animals tell? The final project is an underwater scene full of different animals. Materials: a few sheets of paper each class, pencil, any colors, (crayons, markers, pastels, etc.), scissors & gluestick optional Open to 1st-5th graders, Monday from 3-4.
  • Chess / NYC Chess

    An exciting introduction to the game of chess for our beginner Students. Players will enjoy close student to teacher ratio, introduction to the pieces and how they behave, real life variations of games and fun, and "Tournament like" activities. Each student receives training according to their individual levels and progress. This is a premium class and costs $30 per week
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  • Fencing / Fencing for Progress

    Kids don’t have to eschew their love of fencing in order to keep a safe distance! Since so many aspects of mastery as a fencer focus on the athlete’s form and technique, the camera is a great opportunity for teach kids to learn and internalize good form, as in front of a mirror. In remote fencing class, instead of practicing actions in the traditional format wearing full equipment, exercises and activities have been adapted to bring about similar responses, but by using unusual materials and similar but altered cuing formats. Kids use items commonly found around the home for training during class – like, a wooden spoon from the kitchen makes an excellent substitute practice weapon. Balled up socks make great cones, add a handful of dried beans or rice to one of them and it becomes a bean bag! We at Fencing for Progress! invite you to join us this summer for more fun and intrigue at camp developing the reflexes, focus and personal skill set which are the foundation of any fencer’s arsenal. See you at class!
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  • French / ABC Language

    Bonjour! Students will be able to discover the French language through many different angles. Teachers will be bringing in their experiences of the culture and language to share through games, songs, and other activities that will help children learn the basics of the language in a fun and inviting atmosphere. This class will be geared towards beginners as well.
  • Hip Hop / Frida Persson

    This class starts with a warm up and stretch, followed by dance exercises across the floor, floorwork and dance moves that we then use while learning a choreography to an up beat song. At the end of dance class we will work on our improvisation skills in a dance game. All music is fun, positive, energetic and kid friendly. Students should wear sneakers and comfortable dance clothing (pants/leggings) to class.
  • Hip Hop / Sophia Marrapodi

    This class starts with a warm up and stretch, followed by dance exercises across the floor, floorwork and dance moves that we then use while learning a choreography to an up beat song. At the end of dance class we will work on our improvisation skills in a dance game. All music is fun, positive, energetic and kid friendly. Students should wear sneakers and comfortable dance clothing (pants/leggings) to class. Students may only sign up for 1 Hip Hop class per week.
  • Hip Hop Dance Party / Frida Persson

    This class starts with a warm up and stretch, followed by dance exercises across the floor, floorwork and dance moves that we then use while learning a choreography to an up beat song. At the end of dance class we will work on our improvisation skills in a dance game. All music is fun, positive, energetic and kid friendly. Students should wear sneakers and comfortable dance clothing (pants/leggings) to class.
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  • Karate / Ken Wa Kids

    Kenwa kids empowers children with awareness, self-control, respect, focus and a comprehensive physical education in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and cooperation. This semester we will offer a higher level class for blue-belts and above. Students are welcome to take both the blue-belt class and the general Karate classes. The program was designed by Sensei Michelle Gay, CMA, RSME/T a 4th degree black belt, 2-time World Champion, Certified Movement Analyst, and author of Brain Breaks for the Classroom - published by Scholastic Teaching Resources
  • Magic / Hobby Quest

    If illusions and mysterious feats are your favorite way to impress people, join us in Abracadabra Quest and learn how to become a real magician today! In this magical Quest, we will teach you everything you need to know to become a real performing magician!You’ll learn all of the secrets that have been guarded for centuries by magicians!Reading your audience’s minds will be a piece of cake after you learn our “Mind Reading Paper” and “Dice Prediction” tricks!Next you’ll discover the “Magic Blank Deck”, where you will dazzle your friends and family by turning a blank deck into an actual deck of playing cards right in front of their eyes!Some tricks will amaze even the most seasoned magicians, like when you turn one die into a bunch of smaller die with the “Color Exploding Dice” trick!If that wasn’t enough, we’ll make sure your parents get a chance to see exactly how fascinating your performance is by inviting them in for a real magic show at the end of the semester! So if you’re ready to learn how to do some REAL magic, sign up for Abracadabra Quest today! Materials will be sent out prior to the class. Materials fee $10.
  • Magic Yoga Land / Ayelet Afek

    Kids will “travel” each week to a new yoga adventure - Inspired by fairytales, children’s musicals, books and movies. We will learn yoga poses through games and story telling as well as acquire a healthy alignment and meditation/focusing techniques. Required: Gym/yoga/dance clothes only, no skirts or dresses. Barefoot 2nd graders who would like a more “grownup” class are welcome to join the Tuesday class.
  • Model Airplane Building / Hobby Quest / Virtual

    Join us in this high-flying, airplane-making adventure where we are going to create some crazy flying machines based on Leonardo da Vinci’s inspirations! Kicking things off is our Ornithopter – just like da Vinci’s original design from 1485! This super cool rubber band powered flying machine with its flapping bird-like wings will be even more fun to fly than it is to build! Next we’ll wander into today’s technology by building our Dragon Fly, an amazing, hand launch electric plane made from a durable foam wing and a completely unique balsa wood fuselage and elevator. Of course because flying machines aren’t just planes, we’ll also throw in our Helicobra V2, a really cool version of our popular rubber band powered helicopter that is lots of fun for all ages! In addition to these amazing machines (and many more!), we’re going to learn all about the history of flight and the science of what makes our planes fly! By the end of this course, you’ll be an expert aviator ready to take flight! Build it! Fly it! Keep it! Materials for this class will be mailed registered students.
  • New York International Children's Film Festival Film Club

    Join Jessica Poalniecki, Education Manager of the New York International Children's Film Festival to watch and learn about short films. Each week, we'll watch a new short film, followed by a discussion and Q&A. Students will have a chance to ask questions, learn about how the film was made and share what the film meant to them. It will be a fun and open environment to explore the world of film! Returning students are welcome. Only the first film will be a repeat. 3 week class - Open to 1st & 2nd graders
  • Pop Fit Juniors

    Get ready for an action packed healthy adventure with high-energy fitness fun, good-for-you-games and nutritional know-how that kids can share with the whole family. Through energizing circuits, fitness games, obstacle courses and more each PopFit adventure will hit on the Fab Five: Cardio, Strength, Flexibility, Balance and Endurance. Children will work toward increasing muscle coordination, improving motor planning skills, and engaging in total body awareness.
  • PopFit Femme Fitness

    Get Ready for Some Girl Power! Join PopFit Kids for their new Femme Fit program. Designed for girls grades 3 to 5 the Femme Fitness class will celebrate, encourage, empower and challenge girls to be the best they can be. The end result is a positive outlook, confidence and the skill development they need to achieve their goals and stay healthy. Girls will engage week to week in high-energy circuit activities, agility drills, resistance training, dynamic stretches and more while learning the benefits of the Fit Five: Cardio, Strength, Flexibility, Endurance, and Balance. This class is a fun, fast-paced workout ending with a dynamic cool down that will lengthen those hard worked muscles and strengthen the core. The program will feature the new BOSU(R) Sport Kids among the program’s versatile equipment along with monthly take home challenges sure to keep everyone on their feet. Femme Fitness is an engaging, active class that will foster teamwork, build friendships and positively connect the mind and body.
  • ReFashionistas & Reading/ Denise Anderson

    Do you enjoy reading, drawing and crafting? If so, this is the place for you! Each week we’ll read a choose-your-own-adventure story out loud. These types of books are not like normal books - you get to decide what character you’d like to be and you even get to decide what actions your character will take. Will she turn left and go home or will she turn right and go to the park? WIll he eat that magical cookie or take a ride on that unicorn? As we read aloud, we’ll vote to decide what our character will do and how our story will take shape. We’ll also take breaks to practice step-by-step drawing tutorials, learning to draw fun things from quick,cute cartoons to intricate, more complicated subjects. We’ll even learn how to craft some recycling into fun, new upcycled creations! Students are not required to read aloud and are encouraged to draw and craft while other students are reading. We’ll take frequent breaks so that everyone can share their work with others and discuss what types of crafts they’d like to work on and discuss how they feel about the development of our story.
  • Rock and Roll Movies / Michael Messer

    Kids will create, write, direct, and star in their own rock n roll movie! Everything from the story, characters, props, costumes, animations and original score will be created by the kids, with help and guidance from veteran rock n roll teacher Mike Messer (leader of the world famous rock band for kids “THE DIRTY SOCK FUNTIME BAND.") Along with the encouraged silliness there is a strong focus on teamwork and confidence empowerment. The creation process is based upon the philosophy that “ALL ideas are good”, and gentle encouragement that anything that your child thinks up is worth giving a try. The other goal of the class is for everyone in class to have as much fun as we possibly can!
  • Sewing Club/Children's Institute of Fashion Arts

    The Children's Institute of Fashion Arts offers after school programs in sewing, textiles and design for all ages. We teach kids how to design, sew, and create based on their own interests and culture. Small groups give children the opportunity to learn and develop skills at their own pace and ability. Students sew by hand and use sewing machines when available, learning to design and make their own projects. Professional and specially-trained teachers give one-on-one attention. Welcome to Summer Camp! On Tuesday 6/30 at 3:30 pm we will be doing Styling the Stylist activity. I'd like to get to know you and for you to get to know new friends through expressing yourself with clothes. We will learn how to style everyday basics and help each other out how to make your outfit fun. Things you will need: - a small thin fabric scarf or bandana - white t-shirt - a dress or button down shirt - your choice of bottom clothing; pants, shorts, skirt etc. - accessories; bracelets, necklace, headpieces etc.
    Starting Soon
  • Soccer / Super Soccer Stars

    At Super Soccer Stars, we use the soccer ball as the vehicle to help children not only improve their soccer skills, but also develop self-confidence, improve gross motor skills, hone socialization skills and more. Dynamic, local and international coaches work with small groups of boys and girls to develop these skills and teamwork in a fun, non-competitive, educational environment
  • Space Camp/ Denise Anderson

    Calling all interplanetary explorers! Are you interested in outer space? Do you often imagine what it would be like to be on the Moon or another planet? If so, this class is for you! We’ll explore the ins and outs of our solar system from the International Space Station to the Moon, Mars and so much more! Each week we’ll learn all about a special location and then we’ll file “space reports” to show all our friends and family back home on Earth. (Students will have the opportunity to record a short 1-2 minute video on their own time and upload it to the Space Camp directory. Through the magic of green-screen-like special effects, their video will have the background of their chosen space location added, along with some spiffy, interplanetary news graphics, to produce a short “Space Report” they can proudly share with friends and family.) So join us on our awesome mission and boldly explore space and your imagination!
  • Spanish / ABC Language

    Hola! Children will learn about and explore the Spanish language and culture through age-appropriate lessons and activities. In this playful and educational after-school program geared towards beginners, students learn all the basics of the language, including numbers, colors, greetings, family terms and more. The children will begin learning the target language through games, songs, activities and role playing.
    Starting Soon
  • WonderHut Science / Robert Appleton

    Put on your magical thinking caps and come explore summer science fun with WonderHut Science. We will investigate the magic of Kitchen Chemistry, the mysteries of Solids and Liquids and be brilliant inventors with things that Sink and Float!
    Starting Soon
  • Yoga / Ayelet Afek

    Vinyasa style yoga class, will focus on alignment as well as flow, names of poses (Asanas) and meditation. Class will include: Warm up, sun salutations, open and neutral poses, different focus pose each week, short meditation/yoga knowledge and relaxation (Shavasana). Open level class, all welcome to join, more advanced poses will be taught with options to simplify, only requesting that it’ll be the child’s choice to join as focus is crucial to class success. Required: Gym/yoga/dance clothes only, no skirts or dresses. Barefoot.
    Starting Soon