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  • ART/ Children’s Museum of the Arts

    This foundations class introduces students to art fundamentals and techniques through exploration of notable, diverse artists and art-movements, as well as a range of art mediums in drawing, painting and sculpture. Through a series of different projects including landscapes, portraiture, and abstract sculpture you will be exposed to the fundamentals of composition, color, line, and form. Students will build their artistic talents with technical tools such as perspective, shading, color theory, palette organization, and observational study. Projects will vary between classes according to the age and ability of students. Art materials will be available for pickup at PS 11.
  • ART/Sam White

    Students will collaborate on creating a fun and supportive community of artists. Together, they will relax, exchange ideas, and draw. When it comes to imagination, students take the lead, sharing ideas, tips, and positive feedback. Classes include warm-up cartoons, techniques that require patience and focus, and opportunities to share what they made. Sessions conclude with the questions: What good ideas do you see in the different ways people did their drawings? What are you curious about that we can draw?
  • Amazing Animals / Denise Anderson

    Do you like animals? Do you like drawing and cartoons? Then this is the place for you! We're going to learn all about animals and make some simple, fun cartoons too! Every week we’ll learn all about a new animal - what they eat, what they look like as babies, where they live and what awesome qualities make them special. Then we’ll use Google Whiteboard to draw pictures of our animal friends on our computers (or mobile devices). Every week Miss Denise will take everyone’s drawings (and even some of your voices too) and turn them into a short group animation to share at the beginning of the next week. (They’ll also be posted to our Amazing Animals Drive too, in case you want to download them.) You can choose whether you want to tell a silly story about your animal, or if you want to show us a true, cool fact about them in animated form. No special skills are necessary, just access to our Google Meet and Whiteboard via a computer or mobile device. We will be opening the next session to K students - please note that this class involves reading aloud and using technology to draw independently.
  • Art of Piano Playing

    Private 30-minute piano lessons. These lessons will be scheduled in consultation with Art of Piano Playing at a time that is convenient for both student and instructor Piano Classes have many benefits. It is a great opportunity to determine musical interest and aptitude; develop piano-playing skills and fundamentals. Piano Lessons also help to develop memory and logical-thinking skills which help overall school performance. Students are able to play duet and group pieces, helping develop social skills. Through singing and playing, students will be learning music at a comfortable pace. Our piano teacher will do individual assessment for each student throughout the class. Activities include but not limited to: learning musical alphabet, playing games and exercises, learning basic music theory, reading music. During this course students will explore solo elementary pieces with our piano instructor. This is a premium class and costs $35.00 per week ($280 for 8 weeks.)
  • Chess / NYC Chess

    An exciting introduction to the game of chess for our beginner Students. Players will enjoy close student to teacher ratio, introduction to the pieces and how they behave, real life variations of games and fun, and "Tournament like" activities. Each student receives training according to their individual levels and progress. This is a premium class and costs $30 per week ($240 for 8 weeks.)
  • FREE Online TADA! 4-week program

    Online TADA! Song & Dance Mini-series During this 4-week online, interactive musical theater mini-series, students will: Engage in weekly musical theater training Learn vocals and choreography to a song from a popular Broadway musical Play fun, active theater games! Wednesdays, March 3, 10, 17, 24 K-2: 3:15PM-4:15PM 3rd-5th: 3:15PM-4:15PM FREE! - Funded by New York City Council’s “Cultural After-School Adventures” (CASA) initiative Students may also register for this FREE 4 week progam even if they are registered for the LIVE Afterschool in the Park. Students would participate in this program virtually during the LIVE afterschool program at IAC.
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  • Hip Hop / Frida Persson

    This class starts with a warm up and stretch, followed by dance exercises across the floor, floorwork and dance moves that we then use while learning a choreography to an up beat song. At the end of dance class we will work on our improvisation skills in a dance game. All music is fun, positive, energetic and kid friendly. Students should wear sneakers and comfortable dance clothing (pants/leggings) to class. Students may only sign up for 1 Hip Hop class per week.
  • Karate / Ken Wa Kids

    Kenwa kids empowers children with awareness, self-control, respect, focus and a comprehensive physical education in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and cooperation. The program was designed by Sensei Michelle Gay, CMA, RSME/T a 4th degree black belt, 2-time World Champion, Certified Movement Analyst, and author of Brain Breaks for the Classroom - published by Scholastic Teaching Resources
  • Music Memory Team / Sharon Golub

    The Riverside Symphony’s Music Memory program is designed to develop a lasting appreciation for fine music in young people. Music Memory develops listening skills, provides a link to explore the composers and their times, and also offers children the opportunity to express the music’s rhythmic, melodic and emotional content during interactive sessions. This is a year long program. Students must commit to the full year and will compete in the competition in May (pending COVID situation.) Registration for this class is for the full school year - September 23-June 18, 2021. This class will be held virtually online through Zoom. If/when school reopens fully, we will move to an in-person format. Payment can be made upfront in full or in 9 monthly payments (9/15-5/15). Because the DOE calendar has not been released, there may be changes to the schedule. Currently, there will be no classes on 11/11, 12/23, 12/30, 2/17 & 4/14. We will modify those dates once the calendar is released.
  • Rock and Roll Movies / Michael Messer

    Kids will create, write, direct, and star in their own rock n roll movie! Everything from the story, characters, props, costumes, animations and original score will be created by the kids, with help and guidance from veteran rock n roll teacher Mike Messer (leader of the world famous rock band for kids “THE DIRTY SOCK FUNTIME BAND.") Along with the encouraged silliness there is a strong focus on teamwork and confidence empowerment. The creation process is based upon the philosophy that “ALL ideas are good”, and gentle encouragement that anything that your child thinks up is worth giving a try. The other goal of the class is for everyone in class to have as much fun as we possibly can!